Industrial Site Information Center Introduction Statistice and Snalysis Prospect of Industrial Location Policy
What is Industrial Land?
Types of Industrial Land
Industrial Park Development & Implementation Process
Major Policy Initiatives Relating to Industrial Land
What is Industrial Land?
Concept of Industrial Park
  A series of sites designated and developed under a comprehensive initiative to accomodate manufacturing plants, knowledge-intensive industrial facilities, IT industry complexes or resources storages along with educational, information and distribution infrastructures and provide residential, cultural, medical, tourism, sports and welfare facilities collectively for relevant employees and users in an effort to improve productivity and efficiency of the industrial facilities in the above. (Article 2.5, Industrial Land & Development Act)

Unlike conventional industrial complex that has only a minium of amenities around sites of industrial plants, industrial park relies on a seamless network of industrial plants, academic institutions and research centers to promote qualitative advancement of industry and brings together a variety of service functions including residential, commercial, distribution and welfare facilities.
  Scope of Industrial Park Development Project
ㅇ Site preparation for industrial plants, knowledge centers, IT infrastructure and resource storages, etc.
ㅇ Site preparation for educational institutions for the development of high-technology science projects
ㅇ Site preparation for IT service infrastructure, exhibition centers and distribution facilities to improve the effectiveness of industrial park
ㅇ Site preparation for a variety of social service infrastructure to enhance the efficiency of industrial park including residential
    complexes cultural amenities, medical facilities, tourism resorts and public parks, etc.
ㅇ Industrial and portable water supply network
ㅇ Road, railroad, port, track, canal, detention basin and reservoir construction projects
ㅇ Electricity, communication, gas, oil and raw material supply infrastructure construction projects
ㅇ Sewage treatment plant, waste recycling facility and other environment preservation facility construction projects
ㅇ Other projects incidental to the ones in the above
Concept & Tools of Industrial Land Policy
  ㅇ "Industrial Land Policy" aims to secure a basis for industrial production and other activities to promote efficient utilization of limited
    national territory and lay ground for the growth of national economy.
ㅇ Facilitate the supply of industrial land & promote balance in the arrangement of industries nationwide
ㅇ Promote balanced national development and sustainable industrial growth
ㅇ Maintain a balance between industrial land and environment
  Policy Tools
ㅇ Long-term industrial land preparation plan
  - Establish a nationwide industrial land preparation plan (at 10 year resolution) in consideration of local characteristics and industrial
  land availability
- Suppress mega
- scale industrial lands in the vicinity of metropolitan area including the neighborhood of Seoul
- Promote industrial park development intensively in provincial regions without industrial infrastructure
- Develop a high
- value, high-tech urban industrial parks
- Renovate obsolete industrial parks
ㅇ Differentiate industrial plant authorization policy in reference to environmental impact
  - Suppress industrial park development in the upstream area of river or stream
- Locate high-pollution industries such as petrochemical or steelmaking industries in costal area
- Restrict pollutant-emitting plants or large industrial parks in farming land or forest area
ㅇ Differentiate tax benefits, financial supports or land use regulations in reference to the degree of industrial accumulation
  - Levy "over-concentration charges" on and apply higher tax rates to new plant construction or existing plant expansion projects in
  Seoul metropolitan area already suffering excessive concentration of industrial capacity
- Expand tax benefits and government grants available to corporations moving from Seoul metropolitan area to other provincial areas
- Extend long-term low-interest credits to corporations wishing to establish production sites in the agro-industrial parks in
  provincial areas.