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Prospect of Industrial Land Policy
Basic Direction & Implementation Strategy of Industrial Lands Supply Plan
The 2nd Industrial Lands Supply Plan
Knowledge-Intensive Industrial Lands Supply Plan
Providing a Momentum for Implementation of Industrial Lands Supply Plan
Major Industrial Park Infrastructure Supporting Plan
Sewage treatment facility
Directions for improvement in government policies relating to industrial lands
  Legal Basis
ㅇ Pursuant to Article 5.2 of the 「Industrial Lands & Development Act」(“Industrial Lands Act” hereinafter), the Minister of Construction &
    Transportation is supposed to establish industrial land supply plan and post it in the government journal to provide a framework of
    industrial land policy and facilitate the supply of industrial lands.
ㅇ Article 6.2 of the "Enforcement Decree of the Industrial Lands Act" stipulates that industrial land supply plan shall consider relevant
    plans including the "Comprehensive National Territory Construction Plan" and the "Industrial Capacity Layout Master Plan", etc. and,
  - Cover 10 years in its scope, subject to revision/supplementation based on annual trend analysis of industrial land supply and demand.
  Establishment of Sub-Plans of "Comprehensive National Territory Construction Plan "
ㅇ The "Industrial Land Supply Plan" provides specific plans to supply industrial lands by region, industry line, type and establish relevant
    policy implementation frameworks to materialize the policies in the「Strategic Industrial Land Development for Advancement of Industrial
    Structures across Regions」 section of the 4th Comprehensive National Territory Construction Plan (2000~2020) and,
ㅇ Provide specific initiatives to develop industrial lands to user requirements, offer a an assortment of industrial lands suitable for
    knowledge-intensive industries and renovate the existing industrial parks in an effort to create strategic industrial lands to further
    advance industrial structures across different regions.
  Preparation for the Advent of Knowledge-Centric Society
ㅇ Prepare an efficient framework to supply industrial lands to nurture cutting-edge industries such as knowledge industry or IT industry in
    consideration of changes in social landscape following the advent of knowledge-centric society, and
ㅇ Streamline administrative framework to provide an efficient infrastructure for industrial growth in parallel with a variety of initiatives to
    provide physical infrastructure for industrial lands.